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I'm not quite sure how to use sessions. I am working on a full stack app so would like to have a clojure repl running as well as a clojurescript shadow-cljs connected repl. Is this possible? I seem to have to close one entirely and connect to the other one if switching back and forth. I'm wondering if both can be open at the same time and you use this session next command or whatever to switch between the two.

Leaf Garland03:12:16

Once I have a clj REPL connection, I start a new session with ConjureCljSessionFresh and then run some code (piggieback in my case) to turn that new session into a cljs REPL. Now I have 2 sessions, one clj and one cljs, and I use ConjureCljSessionList and ConjureCljSessionSelect to keep track and switch which one is active.


Ahh, fresh was the answer. I was assuming that would start it all over rather than a new one. Thank you, I'll give that a shot.


You may also benefit a huge amount from which means you can connect to two very different nREPLs and hop between them based on autocmds.