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I’ve just asked in the Fulcro channel but I guess it is more a chlorine issue, copying here too


Right, do you have the browser opened on the page that Fulcro is running? Also, if you want, enable "Experimental Features" on the Chlorine configuration, it makes Shadow-CLJS experience better IMHO


I am running fulcro with npx shadow-cljs server . It’s only a shadow-cljs app at the moment. I have a client.cljs file with

(ns app.client
   [com.fulcrologic.fulcro.application :as app]
   [com.fulcrologic.fulcro.components :as comp :refer [defsc]]
   [com.fulcrologic.fulcro.dom :as dom]))

(defonce app (app/fulcro-app))

(defsc Root [this props]
  (dom/div "TODO"))

(defn ^:export init
  "Shadow-cljs sets this up to be our entry-point function. See shadow-cljs.edn `:init-fn` in the modules of the main build."
  (app/mount! app Root "app")
  (js/console.log "Loaded"))


I’ll activate the “Experimental Features”


rtacconi  [10:07 PM] Hi, (newbie here) I am at section 4.4.7 of the book ( and I cannot start the repl with atom/clorine. I run connect to repl which works, but then I do connect embedded to access shadow-cljs but it says that I am disconnected.

REPL not connected for ClojureScript.
You can connect a REPL using 'Connect Socket REPL' command, or 'Connect Embedded' command