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Yuner Bekir10:12:11

After the latest vscode update I cant seem to evaluate anything. Any tips? It has been stuck like that for 10 minutes. Evaluating even simple things as (+ 1 2) doesn't eval and gets stuck


I can’t reproduce this in VS Code Insiders (can’t update VS Code right now so tried with Insiders). I can, however see that the output window prompt gets ugly the same way as in your screenshot.


What kind of project is this? What OS are you on? Does it work if you downgrade VS Code?

Yuner Bekir11:12:42

Its a standard leiningen. Windows 10. I will try and will let you know

Yuner Bekir11:12:57

I reinstalled vscode and it works now. Some file might have been corrupted


Phew! Thanks for reporting (even if it scared me quite a bit 😄) and thanks for updating!

Yuner Bekir11:12:16

Sorry for the mini heart attack 😄


I think this has happened before. Will check with other extension devs if they recognize it, and what mitigations might be used.


With latest VS Code there are some new “deafult on” settings highlighting some unicode characters. That can be helpful, of course. However. Calva’s output/repl window uses some unicode characters for its prompt, specifically because they look like some regular characters. So with the default settings the prompt looks ugly. See the previous post. We’ll have to look at what we should do about the prompt, but for now you can disable the new highlighting features, if you like.

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Another way to do it that is a bit more precise is to have these settings:

"editor.unicodeHighlight.allowedCharacters": {
        " ": true,
        "꞉": true
So that is not a regular space and not a regular colon, but the look-alikes that Calva uses in the prompt.


If you're running out of hotkeys, consider giving this a :thumbsup:

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(I also gave the actual issue a 👍 ) 😀


My keyboard doesn’t even have a right ctrl…


Neither do mine. I chose to interpret that issue as being an end user thing. Also thinking/hoping it could be generalized to cmd, option and shift keys as well.


Added a comment about this to the issue now. To remind myself to not add defaults using right-ctrl, if nothing else. 😃

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Hi everyone. I have started working with calva and I really like it, it's the first time the whole interactive development thing really clicks with me. However, sometimes I evaluate something and all of a sudden the repl stops being responsive. I tried interrupting running evaluations and the repl seems to do something but it still isn't responsive. I've use only nrepl connections so far and last time it happened after I used the debugger. The repl terminal also doesn't show an error message or something.


Hello! Happy to hear about the clicking!


If you take note about what the “something” is that you evaluate when it stops working, I think it is easier to try figure what can be going wrong.


Did you un-instrument the function you debugged after having used the debugger?


I can tell you that because it was this function in hello_repl.clj


I tried un-instrumenting it but only after the repl hadn't responded for the first time. Maybe that was an issue. The form I evaluated after that was the one that I need to interrupt. I've had this in a couple of other places before, though. I'll let you know when it happens again.


Is there something I can do about this? I'm about to try reconnecting without restarting the repl.


That seems to have worked, although there was an error on the terminal saying "Socket Closed"