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Roman Liutikov16:12:41

Hey hey. Anyone using clj-kondo with Cursive? I'm not seeing actual message in a popover when hovering over underlined code. Verified that it doesn't work with both clojure-lsp and kondo-lsp, seems to be an issue with Intellij's LSP plugin


I use clj-kondo with the file watcher plugin, it works fine there

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Roman Liutikov16:12:35

hm, so file watcher, let me try...

Roman Liutikov16:12:19

@U08BJGV6E hm, I can see linting report in Intellij's console, but the IDE is not displaying those in the editor for me

Roman Liutikov16:12:35

did you do anything besides setup guide in kondo's repo?


no I didn't. here's my related config


slightly off topic but is there a way to make the red error squiggles a bit more visible?


is that a styling setting in intellij somewhere?


with latest cursive+intellij , when i cmd+up in repl to move between history i get an error and this stacktrace , is this known or anything i can do to sort it out?


ahh all good, thanks will wait for the next release

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:12:09

is there any way to use the intellij bytecode viewer with a Clojure class instance during debug?


Hmm, I’m not sure. If you’re AOT compiling you can find the class in the project view and open it, but I can’t think of a way to view a dynamically loaded one.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:12:44

I cannot say how incredibly useful that would be to me :)


I’ll see what I can do 🙂