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Noah Bogart21:12:13

Here’s a funny thing. I had two variables defined (`User` and Game), which I moved to new namespaces. I deleted their definition in the current namespace, but for some reason lsp isn’t marking them as “unresolved symbol”. Running clj-kondo manually flags them as unresolved (`src/cljc/nr/schemas/app_db.cljc:9:33: error: Unresolved symbol: User`), and writing anything else (such as the lowercase user I wrote to demonstrate) is displayed as unresolved. Any suggestions on how to “refresh the namespace” so to speak so these show up as unresolved?


that's odd,sounds like outdated analysis but it should refresh automatically


if you restart the LSP, does it fix it? i know is not ideal, but I'd like to know what happens

Noah Bogart22:12:40

Hmm, let me see if I can recreate