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Henrik Suzuki08:09:03

Meetup in Stockholm 2019-09-24 about Datahike, a durable datalog implementation with sthlm.clj


will it be recorded? i'm interested but can't attend since i live in another country. thanks for organizing it!

Henrik Suzuki10:09:20

Hi! Yes we will try to record it and make it available online.

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cool! can you followup in this thread when that is available? thank you!

Henrik Suzuki10:09:53

Yeah sure!

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@UALH3R8FJ btw, the link is wrong, it should be (instead of replikat)

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ah, it is already fixed on the site

Henrik Suzuki10:09:34

Sorry for the confusing link. Slack cut it off when I shared the event

Henrik Suzuki10:09:26

This is the correct link

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