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Daniel Slutsky07:09:39

Asked it in the past, but asking again in case it changed: is anyone here going to ClojuTRE? We are organizing a data science meetup on Wed, Sep 25th, 1pm-3pm, the day before ClojuTRE. Please tell if you are intereseted. ❤️


unfortunately I won't make it but @kommen will be there to represent Nextjournal


@daslu I’ll be there, but my flight only lands at 13:40 unfortunately

Daniel Slutsky07:09:57

Thanks @mkvlr,see you there anyway, @kommen 🙂 .


@daslu yep. do you already know the location? I couldn’t find anything

Daniel Slutsky08:09:05

@kommen we'll probably announce in a couple of days.

Daniel Slutsky08:09:57

We'll keep discussing that at the #clojutre channel, not to disturb here too much 🙂 .