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You have a lot of choice. Bulma is javascript-free, ant design with, styled component (check


antd is very nice but it seems really heavy


All the JS component libraries are going to be quite heavy as you don't get dead code elimination for JS libs. My choice is usually to just implement all the components in Cljs and style with SASS/LESS.

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Bulma seems like OK CSS framework if you don't want to start from scratch

David Pham14:09:05

My issue is when you start to mix some package requiring CSS

David Pham14:09:13

You then get some annoying dependencies


I'm looking to upgrade my React dependency. Is reagent compatible with React 16.9?


Looks like the package.json in Reagent's repo has 16.9 so assuming that means it's compatible!


Yeah, youโ€™re good ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello, how to set static properties in reagent component/class, like the one used in React Navigation to configure header foer example called navigationOptions?

David Pham16:09:15

You could use the 3rd form and use local state.

David Pham16:09:28

Although I found navigation easier with re-frame

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