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viesti08:09:41, a JSON appender for Timbre. Makes extracting data from logs easier in for example AWS CloudWatch Logs and GCP Stackdriver Logging.

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I've just released Propel v1.1.0 which now has lein-figwheel support as well as figwheel-main executing clj -m propel.main -e lein-figwheel -w will start figwheel from your project.clj with a random prepl port that gets written to .prepl-port. Magic!

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More videos are now available in the Fulcro (version 3) video series on YouTube:

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Just published Chlorine version 0.1.12. On this version some fixes, but it was mostly an urgent fix for Atom because some APIs were removed from a dependent package without any warning, so Chlorine was simply not working at all

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Sounds absolutely horrible!


Yes, and it still is. The new API does not support all the things that I need, so there's some functionality that's now missing and it is breaking my own workflow. Still working on it to solve these issues and publish a definitive fix