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@kenny Assuming you’re ok with the dev build, then yes. The 2019.2.2 RC is out now and that should also fix the indexing issue.


is there any way to make vector indentation be two-space in cursive? it not only confuses me, but it also sucks because it doesn't really work well with IdeaVIM: when using < and > keys to indent/unindent, it always does two spaces. because of this i end up needing to manually indent stuff, and i often end up having a lot of wrong bracket placement on accident because of accidentally indenting with two spaces where i only wanted one, and parinfer thinking for me


Could Cursive show which project it's reading below the loading bar? The indexing operation shows what it's indexing.


Probably, yes - I’ll check that.


I would be curious why would you want to see it though. My motivation would be to spot big dependencies which might have been imported accidentally, via transitive dependencies. I have the feeling that there is some other reason too, but I can't really explain it. It makes me anxious if I don't know what is the computer doing for a long time, I guess...


More info is better 🙂 If a project is taking a long time, maybe there's some dep change I can make to improve it.