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@lkowarschick That would give you weird things like:

[1 2 3
  4 5 6]


Okay wow havent thought about that.... Maybe add special cases for hiccup? That might be to complex to implement though... But in cases where the list really represents a function call of some sort the one space indent is Hard to read. Or maybe just add an Option to go the parinfer way and "Use one space if the User indents it with one space but dont undo twospace indentation"? I h really have no idea how Hard it would be to implement such a Thing.... Or provide an Option for this:

[ 1 2 3
  4 5 6]
? That would solve the Problem
[ :div
  [ :h1 "foo"]
  [ :div
    [ :p "Bar"]]] 


This is the downside of “everything is data” - obviously it has lots of benefits, but it means that Cursive can’t tell what sort of data it is. For example, there really isn’t a good way to detect if something is hiccup or not. I talked a bit about this on the mailing list, in the context of formatting:


Hi, is it possible to import a clojurescript npm package using a hotkey combo? (kinda like alt-cmd when importing a library in typescript or java). Use case is using material-ui in a reagent app. Coming from kotlin/typescript I didn't realize how painful it was to not let the ide "just handle" imports.


I'm pretty sure this works with clojure/java interop, curious if it works for clojurescript/javascript interop and I'm just doing something wrong.


Oh shadow cljs for building and stuff


maybe using the cljsjs version of material-ui would do the trick? I'll try that too


Things like 'auto importing' just more primitive. Can be a shock I know. Also best to stick with shadow-cljs.


Auto-importing does work fine for me for non cljc importing. I just start with the namespace and it will put the require at the top. So start typing say ui/... . But the first time you create the alias ui, you do have to put the require in manually - you are defining the alias for the first time.


(oh right you were talking about npm).


Unfortunately NPM won’t auto-import, but I’m planning to improve the NPM support soon so hopefully I can make it work.


Man that'd be better than thanksgiving dinner! Looking forward to it!


IDEA 2019.2.2 is out! Our long international nightmare is over

🤞 20
Adrian Smith20:09:33 is this behaviour expected in cursive given that I think com.datomic.ion is a compiled thing?


@nwjsmith Fingers crossed! The current deps integration is still broken, but the dev build with the new one seems ok so I’ll probably get an EAP out soon.


The indexing issue should be fixed there.


@sfyire Which namespace does ion/ refer to there? I did add stubs support for ions which should handle that, but I might have missed an namespace.

Adrian Smith20:09:01

I think it's

[datomic.ion :as ion]