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Just wondering, where are clojure shops in Europe ? Anyone hiring ?


I think most European countries have at least 1 or 2 Clojure shops...


Probably best to ask in each Country channel what they are ... (assuming you don't want to potentially move to all of the 44 countries in Europe)


ie. not all at the same time of course...but I assume you have some kind of preferred list.


It's true, but the country channels seem vacant.

David Pham14:09:18

Berlin and London are quite sizeable hubs


I have a feeling that Clojure is really popular here in Finland for some reason. In Helsinki there are many companies using Clojure. For example our company Tomorrow Tech is using Clojure extensively


Yea, Ive run across some en Helsinki and Berlin. There's one or two in Montpellier, fr. I live there some, so they might be obscure. London. But that's not a lot.


Ironically clojure Berlin, Germany and Finland are completely dead. Which is why I asked here where no one seems to do anything but say good morning. It's more than everywhere else. Clojure France has some activité, and Italy it seems to be about food.


🇮🇹 being about food.. seems to be working as intended for me :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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sounds good to me as well