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when using cider, is there a way to force reloading an entire ns at once? the equivalent of, say, killing the cider buffer/process and re-executing a jack-in?


There’s a cider-restart


thanks - that doesn't reboot the repl, just redoes the connection, but it did lead me to sesman-restart, which is bound to C-c C-s r and did what I needed 🙂


Is it just me or does cider/nrepl 0.22.x take longer to display the results of form evaluation than cider 21? It certainly feels that since upgrading even evaluating simple forms sometimes takes longer… e.g. (reduce + (range 999999)) which takes a few ms in clojure, sometimes takes a few seconds to print the result in the REPL with cider spinning the ===… other times the same form is near instant.


@rickmoynihan Can you try with 21 and see if that makes a difference?


@pez: perhaps later — not wanting to shave the dev env yak just now — what with a deadline looming 😬




it could equally be other stuff in my environment — though I know the time spent in clojure is the miniscule amount I’d expect


e.g. (time (reduce + (range 99999)) eventually prints the tiny amount of msecs clojure actually took


the form itself doesn’t seem to matter even evaluating 1 can take seconds


Interesting it appears that switching focus out of the REPL to my code buffer with e.g. C-x o seems to force the REPL to display the result (and flush the nrepl-messages. When I eval e.g. 4 I instantly see the eval op in nrepl-messages; but none of the responses until I switch buffer


this took about 2 seconds… at the 2 second point I’d switched buffer with C-x o at which point the result 4 displayed in the REPL


Also did cider 22 happen to change the binding of cider-eval-defun-at-point from C-S-M-x to C-M-x? I can’t see it mentioned in the release notes; but my muscle memory keeps hitting the former key chord… :thinking_face:


This binding has never been changed since the initial version of CIDER and was always C-M-x and C-c C-c.


In that case it’s probably that I’m just not as used to my home keyboard as I thought 🙂


> Is it just me or does cider/nrepl 0.22.x take longer to display the results of form evaluation than cider 21? I can’t think of any change in 0.22 that would contribute to some slowdown of form evaluation. To me it seems exactly the same in terms of speed.


it’s weird it’s just in the REPL buffer… it’s like it only receives the nrepl responses after I change window. Evaling forms in the code buffer is fine.