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Hi @lee, thanks for the PR!


Thank you for creating an awesome tool!


Am also happy to look at tweaks to diff coloring if folks agree that there is merit to the idea:

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@lee I'm hesitant on this one, since red/green is a very established convention for diffs, but you do have a point. Maybe we should start by making them configurable in deep-diff, and then we can have a separate discussion what the defaults should be in kaocha


Thanks for the reply @plexus! I like red/green for diffs. It’s just that red is also used for normal syntax highlighting. And I was musing about red/green as background color instead of foreground just to make them stand out more. Do you think it is worth me mocking up some samples to get a feel for what some variations might look like?


yeah, that would be great


I will put it on my todo list!


point still stands about the configurability, if we change the default then some people will be unhappy about it, not everyone likes change and people get attached to their tools etc. so then I'd like to be able to say "just put this in your config and you get the old behavior back", rather than having to argue why it's better


Good point. If we decide to proceed with changes, I’ll scope that in.


I’ll add a note to git issue. Thanks!


Ok, I could not resist, I took a bit of time to update with some mockups. Looking for feedback from anyone with an opinion.