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In my experience, when you get OOM on Solo, deploys will be pretty non-deterministic, working sometimes and not other times, which means that it’s possible to get into a state where the version being rolled back to also produces an OOM.


I remember getting around it by basically ripping out deps that were particularly unfriendly to memory consumption (Amazonica, at the time).

Jacob O'Bryant17:09:35

Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try.


Hey y'all I've just connected API Gateway to a lambda to my Clojure code to my Datomic database. In the old database I'm used to using we'd interact with it with routes like /endpoint/{endpoint-id} where the endpoint-id was an argument to the URI string and the C# code on our database end was able to grab that out of the route and then go from there. I tried to replicate that with my new web API but the only way to get my data across was to add the --payload from the aws invoke command to the request body like so: Therefore my question is: are the lambda ions only able to have the http request body delivered to them? Would I be able to replicate our existing database and URI routing where we are grabbing arguments out of the routes? I'm not super well versed in API's and routing etc so I may be slightly off with some of these concepts