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Brian Abbott00:09:37

Sorry, Im not able to search too far back in the chat history ATM but, does anyone know of a sure-fire way to determine which version of datomic cloud that an account is on?

Brian Abbott01:09:28

By sure-fire, I mean, programmatic interogation of the instances via their APIs, not from some loose file simply because it has the textual values written in them --- i want to recieve the version information from the running instance itself.


@briancabbott not sure about the instances themselves, but you can use the aws api to query the outputs of the associated cloud formation stack

Jacob O'Bryant21:09:42

I'm currently unable to do an ion deploy. CodeDeploy says it's due to an OOM error. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Joe Lane21:09:18

@foo Has that deployment worked in the past?

Jacob O'Bryant21:09:11

it just stopped working today for some reason

Jacob O'Bryant21:09:52

(or did you mean has deploying this revision worked in the past? In that case, no. However I just tried re-deploying a previous revision and that fails too)


Solo or prod @foo ?


Not sure you can redeploy over a failing deploy directly


I think the attemped redeploy will fail and it will continue to try to run the original problem one


Until eventually aborts and rolls back


You may be able to cancel/roll back the failing deploy in the code deploy console

Jacob O'Bryant21:09:26

It looks like the rollbacks are failing too. I'm looking around the console, but I don't see anything I can do to rollback manually.

Jacob O'Bryant21:09:20

actually there's a Create Deployment button, maybe that's the ticket


That would create a new one


Did the rollback fail with an OOM also?

Jacob O'Bryant21:09:05

yes, same error