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Less than three weeks until 8th ClojuTRE! ClojuTRE is a non-profit Clojure & FP Event held in Helsinki, Finland, Sept 26–27, 2019. Organized by Metosin, it has grown to be one of biggest Clojure Events in Europe, looking forward to seeing 350 people this year. Keynotes from Alex Miller (Cognitect), Andrea Leopardi (Elixir Core Team) and Dave Snowden (Cognitive Edge). * friday tickets are sold out (there is a waitlist) * few thursday & thursday+friday tickets left * free student & diversity tickets * ticket sales closes on 11.9. More info at Call for sponsors still open 😉 Chatting and questions in slack #clojutre, with @clojuTRE on twitter or via email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Coming! 🙂

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awesome, see you there!

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By the way I am using compojure-api in production. Thank you for it! 🙂

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hey guys, I have a ticket for clojutre for thursday + friday that i'm selling. HMU if interested 🙂