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maybe (references-somewhere ?scope ?referencee ?scope), I haven't done much with datomic rules


(as in replace the head of the first rule with that)


So, I moved my datomic+mysql off our main server onto its own. Now when the peer connects, it gets a user cant be validated error, despite being the only peer connecting to this transactor. Whats going on ?


Its the exact same config thats copied over to another server, and the only difference is that the mysql user now is allowed to login from another ip


And to add to the confusion. If I start a repl on the main server (which still has datomic running) and I create a 2nd connection pointing to the other server. Than that works and I can run queries on it


Using the exact same uri that got the Unable to validate user error on app boot


@laujensen Are you able to reach the transactor IP from the peer that cannot connect? Do you have your alt-host set to an externally reachable address? In general, your HOST will be set to the internal address and the ALT-HOST should be set to the externally-reachable address. I am also assuming the new system is distributed (peer and transactor are separate machines). Otherwise my guess would be a security group or permissions issue that the new peer is missing.


HOST and alt-host are set in the transactor properties file.


@jaret when the app starts, it makes a connection to datomic. If the URI points to the new machine, boot breaks due to User not validated. If it points to the Datomic on the same machine, everything works. If I then jack-in to a repl, make a new d/connect to the other machine, that works.


@marshall @stuarthalloway - Why does the transactor reject the connection if I havent first connected to the local version?


@laujensen Could you copy out the exact error you were receiving? I’d like to move this to the forums ( Slack conversations aren’t archived and I’d like to make the solution to your problem searchable.


At Room Key I'm setting up Datomic Cloud. We got it running in the same org and region. However we had to bridge the datomic vpc to our existing vpc. I didn't see any option to launch Datomic Cloud in an existing vpc.


Any advice on how do launch Datomic Cloud in a vpc that is already existing?


@jaret, I'll post it in the forum


@ozanzal not at present. It is much simpler to create a VPC that is correctly configured than to try to programmatically verify the suitability of an existing VPC


Ok, that's what I gathered from looking at the Cloud Formation.


We are ok with peering the VPC's.