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The input/output mapping gets pretty confusing with the edits.


I'm still working on the parser. I use built-in skip-syntax-forward to search meaningful characters (parens, semicolon, doublequote, etc), and save the parse result in a vector. If I can parser file in less than 50ms, I think everything is fine to parse whole buffer.


Just tried this out, not having any luck. I switched to Parinfer, but it doesn't seem to be enabled, typing a paren doesn't even show the closing paren. I assume this is because the file isn't correctly indented as discussed in the link above. However I don't see any highlighting to indicate what to correct. Is there something else I'm supposed to be doing?


I’m pretty sure @dave.dixon means the Cursive integration, I’ll answer over in #cursive


@cfleming: nice, that was faster than I expected! i’ll try this out soon