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for those coming from a scheme / clojure background, dash.el is tye library that intuitively makes sense right ?


so far, I've found emacs to be full of surprises and dash to be completely intuitive


@qqq Emacs Lisp has a long history and it’s focus has never really been FP. dash.el was one attempt to bring some of the lessons learned from Clojure, and it was quite the success.


Eventually Emacs added upstream seq.el and map.el which are amazing libraries imo, plus things like thread-first, thread-last, when-let, etc.


At this point dash.el is irrelevant, but it was instrumental in pushing Emacs Lisp forward.


@bozhidar: Will you consider writing a "elisp for clojurists" guide some day? I suspect many of us can learn a lot from you.


this is a fabulous idea


you should start this on github @qqq and be the maintener ;)


why not just clojure.el 😜


I may have just nerd sniped myself in working on that this weekend


@bostonaholic: where is clojure.el ? Google is giving me all types of clojure-mode results


I don’t know if it exists. I was just suggesting that it should exist


since you mentioned “elisp for clojurists”


why not just write an elisp lib that brings clojure to elisp


I'm not doing it because I'm a lazy unmotivated jerk.


You should build clojure.el though, I'm sure many would appreciate it!


I've always wanted an editor/ide scriptable in Clojure.


I'd even pay for that.


that’s why I said I probably nerd sniped myself. Which is a way of saying “I think there should be this thing. Shit. Now I want to build said thing.”


I accept BTC and BCH 😜


Sure -- show a working prototype! 🙂


I was unfamiliar with the term "nerd sniped" -- take a look at -- it's the most promising I've seen so far.


It has console, java/awt, and cljs/dom/web browswer front end. It's 100% scriptale in clojure.


The dev is brilliant and very responsible on #liquid


@bostonaholic: in paritcular, I think "build editor/IDE on clojure" is better in the long run than "build a clojure-like lib on top of emacs lisp"


there is deuce as well for the curious, aka emacs in clojure


> “build editor/IDE on clojure” is better in the long run than


That assumes that Clojure is all you care about, but I personally have interest in many areas and prefer using universal tools instead of specialized.


@bozhidar: that is absolutely true. I currently use two languages: clj/cljs/cljc + ELisp I'm trying to reduce it down to one: clj/cljs/cljc


After getting rid of emacs, next step is to get rid of the shell, and do all scripting in the repl too.


The other thing is: as long as we want general edito rsupport, we're going to use something like the "sliing buffer", where we store "text before cursor" "text after cursor" whereas I really really want a structural editor

Ryan Radomski15:02:36

@qqq Do you see a benefit of only one language?


@radomski: Why do you assume multi-language = good ?

Ryan Radomski15:02:57

No assumptions, just a question


So here's the thing, if you build an editor that supports multiple langauges, the focus is "w3e want to build thsi generic interface, --- and if we can't do this in python/ruby/.... maybe we shoulnd't do it for Clojure."


Whereas, if, starting out, one says "fuck it, all we care about is Clojure", there can be very deep repl/jvm integration.


And I'm not saying we ban other programming languages -- they can continue to use vim / emacs / textmate / atom / ...., I'm just saying we should build an editor/ide taht focuses solely on Clojure + JVM integration, andnot give a damn about any other language.

Ryan Radomski15:02:58

I agree, Everything in every language > everything in clojure > some things in every language.

Ryan Radomski15:02:14

However the shell is nice too, things like sed are pretty handy to have lying around


I'm not convinced "|" in shell is better than (-> ...) in cloljure.


Also, in shell, you can really only pipe streams of text. With (-> ...) you can pipe streams of STRUCTURED DATA 🙂

Ryan Radomski15:02:39

The two are able to coexist. Sed can manipulate some sttructured text and return it with only string replacements then clojure can read the string and do stuctural manipulation. I don't personally do it, but I find it hard to say it would be impossible to be useful


If I had a clojure shell, I don't see any reason I'd ever use sed / grep / awk instead of Clojure's regexps.


Did you try closh?

Ryan Radomski15:02:37

I suppose if you never wanted to do anything new with the hardware, you wouldn't run into a use case where you would need the system


===== I am not sure if this is an Emacs issue or an Evil issue. Suppose I do a regex search on a pattern of the form "^..." then I do (goto-char (match-beginning 0)) is this supposed to : 1. put me on first char of matching line OR 2. put me on last char of previous line? Because I am expecting (1), but getting (2) -- and I don't know if this is an emacs issue or an evil issue.


(defun my-thing ()
      (re-search-forward "^(declare")
      (goto-char (match-beginning 0)))
works just fine for me. puts it on the line


i'm not an evil user.


Is there an emacs command for "list all bitmap fonts" available? I purposely want to avoid TrueType due to aliasing / anti aliasing issues.