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Ryan Radomski00:02:21

I was assigned to make a tic tac toe game in my favorite language. The project was a breeze, but now I have to make a class diagram


PersistentArrayMap implements java.util.Collection, functions implement clojure.lang.IFn which implements Callable… etc. - there’s actually a lot of class relationships to describe, they just aren’t usually the thing you care about when writing normal code

Ryan Radomski00:02:25

this is awkward


has anyone gone from a 1920x1080 -> 4K monitor (of same physical size), and found text easier to read? whenever I look at text on monitor vs text on phone/iPad, I wonder if going 1920x1080 -> 4k would make code easier to read


Typical human visual acuity is said to be 1 arc minute (in the fovea, much less in peripheral vision), or in other words 1/60 of a degree.


after crunching the numbers, what do we end up with ? 🙂


what’s “tangent” in java or clojure?


Ok, viewed at 18" your typical eye can resolve


0.005 inches, or about 200 dpi


assuming 1 arc minute acuity at the fovea


whereas a 30" monitor with 4k UHD resolution is about 150ppi, so you should be able to perceive the difference. (


so the argument is: >> on 30" 4k uhd you can see individual pixels >> therefore, going from 1920x1080 -> 4k is a benefit ?


the 1920x1080 monitor of the same size is roughly 1/2 the resolution or 75 dpi, so the improvement to 4k will be noticeable at 18". If you put the same two monitors a few more feet away then you won’t be able to tell the difference any longer. The pixels will subtend too small an angle for your eye to resolve.


Right? It’s trigonometry so it must be true.


this actually makes a lot of sense