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Does anyone know how to get planck, deps.edn, and a shebang (`#!`) to work nicely together? The start of my file looks like this:

#!/usr/bin/env planck -c `/usr/bin/env clojure -Spath`
which I would expect to run planck -c src:/Users/bmaddy/.m2/repository/org/clojure..., but I think it's actually running this:
planck -c \`/usr/bin/env clojure -Spath\`
(where the backticks aren't evaluated)


I think the problem is that env only allows one argument...


Oh geez, I just need to use a helper bash script. That was silly.


/usr/bin/env planck -c `/usr/bin/env clojure -Spath` my-script.cljs "[email protected]"


Interesting @bmaddy, my guess is that backticks have no meaning when put in the shebang line


I know that under linux the shebang line is sent directly to the program, without shell parsing - which means an attempt to send multiple arguments, or any shell substitution, results in the raw input including spaces backticks dollar signs etc. being sent directly to the program as a single unmodified argument


OSX behaves differently


Ahh, right. There’s that too. I have a branch of Planck that will run the clojure tool on your behalf. That might make sense if helper scripts get to be too unwieldy.


Having a helper script actually works out pretty well for me. Thanks for the thoughts though!