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Congratulations on getting funded by Clojurists Together @bhauman!


@rovanion Thanks! it's an honor!


@bhauman: As you're getting things put together over the next few months, would you be interested in getting some community assistance to put together updated documentation, a figwheel website, or other stuff that woud be nice to have but isn't on your list of changes to focus on?


@shaun-mahood thanks for asking the answer is yes


@shaun-mahood I'd much prefer help with the docs


the reality of a website is it is something else that I will have to maintain


interest in working on it will fade over time


but the docs could use some real help


@bhauman: My thoughts for a website were more along the lines of an autogenerated documentation site (along the lines of readthedocs or similar), hosted on github pages, and primarily as a way to deliver the docs in a nicer fashion than stock github allows. Totally happy if you have no interest in that though. For help with the docs, my hope is that we can get together a few people to help contribute as you get new features/changes done - I have looked briefly into contributing docs against the current codebase but the barrier to understanding was a bit too high for my free time to allow for it. I've been wanting to better understand figwheel for a while now so it's a good opportunity to learn and I bet there will be others who have the same mindset.


I'm happy to try and round up a few people that I think might be interested and spearhead a bit of the organization of things so that you can (ideally) just write some code, pass it of to us with a bit of explanation, and we turn around and get some documentation up and make it easier for the rest of the community to take advantage of your hard work.


I don't know that there will be new functionality but rather a cleaning of up existing functionality


hopefully new functionality will get done, but a significant clean up is needed, especially organizing and editing the current docs as well


they are a mess


and the config options!! geez


I assume there will be extra work needed to document how to use the new architecture (with boot etc) as well though.


yeah that will need to be done and help there would be terrific


Is there a particular place that I should start looking at to get going on the current docs?


of course this won't start until march


If you could look at the top level of the wiki and think about what people need to know first. What people are most interested in, etc. and look at it from an informational point of view.


Also a cookbook section with sample configs and explanations in it would be fantastic!!!!


And then of course the config options


A whole book could be written about them


any help there would be appreciated tremendously


I'm of course going to be working on this darn readline and I won't be getting started on Figwheel grant work until March


Are there any major things in there that you want to drop support for? If not, I'll start poking around and see what I can come up with. I think we'll all be happy to play with readline too 🙂


I won't be dropping support for anything that I can think of right now.


Maybe some of the repl commands will change b/c I don't think many people use them


things like switch build etc.


Just a heads up I have been using switch-build to work with webworkers and having a bit better support (not sure how, might be a cljs thing) would be great!


I don't think I'm going to get there though


Sounds good - a few months of refactoring and experimentation without adding new features would be nice in a few of my work projects.


As far as format and structure goes, do you want to stick with everything in the wiki, move things into a docs folder (requires PR to update), or look at other options?


From what I can tell from looking at other projects, it doesn't seem like any of them really have an effect on who contributes to the documentation (though that's a pretty anecdotal assumption).


I think its OK to roll with the wiki for now as it is a much lower barrier, if you think that docs in the doc folder is better, I'm game, it's super easy to link to them from the wiki


Sounds good - we can see how things evolve. I've done a bit of work moving documentation around for both re-frame (from wiki to docs folder) and clojurescript (from wiki to the new website) and neither of them were too onerous.


BTW I'm open to a generated website, but not one that suffers from bitrot


jekyll sucks for that


but a clean clojure based site generator that will work from now until forever sounds good


I don't know how many times I've had to work for hours just to get a jekyll site to generate after it hasn't been touched for years


That sounds like a good postition to take - I've been wanting to experiment a bit more with static generated sites so I'll start poking at that as well, see if anything jumps out as an obviously good fit.

replied to a thread:things like switch build etc.

Just a heads up I have been using switch-build to work with webworkers and having a bit better support (not sure how, might be a cljs thing) would be great!