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Drew Verlee02:02:17

Any hints about how to insert clojure vectors or lists using multi-insert!? I’m trying to generate vectors from a spec and insert them.


@drewverlee Not sure what you mean by inserting Clojure vectors... insert-multi! accepts a sequence of hash maps to insert multiple rows... is that what you mean?


@drewverlee you mean something like:

(jdbc/insert-multi! conn
                    [:col-name1 :col-name2 :col-name3]
                    [["row1-val1" "row1-val2" "row1-val3"]
                     ["row2-val1" "row2-val2" "row2-val3"]])

Drew Verlee17:02:52

Short answer on phone: yea


if not exactly that, there's a few more examples of insert-multi! in the docs at