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Hi, in . It says that if a layer 3 subscription takes value from a layer 2 subscription and if the layer 2 subscription returns the same value (using = to compare), the layer 3 subscription will not run. Will a layer 3 subscription runs if it takes value from another(or another two) layer 3 subscription(s) and if the second layer 3 runs but returns the same value(using = to compare)?


@cmal subscriptions don;t rerun unless their inputs test not = to the previous value. Which matches intuition, right? If none of the inputs change the computation will be the same, so don't even bother to run it.


Thanks, mike!


hi dear re-framers


as I promised I made a blog post detailing what I did for prerendering my app with chrome-headless


please tell me about any mistake or confusing thing because I am a coder, not a writer 🙂