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Also posted in #parinfer. Just tried out the newest with Parinfer 3, not having any luck. I switched to Parinfer, but it doesn't seem to be enabled, typing a paren doesn't even show the closing paren. I assume this is because the file isn't correctly indented as discussed in the link above. However I don't see any highlighting to indicate what to correct. Is there something else I'm supposed to be doing?


@dave.dixon That’s very odd. A few things to check - did the plugin actually get updated? Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Cursive should show version 1.7.0-snapshot1-<something>


The marking should be pretty obvious, it looks like this:


If you’re not seeing that, could you email me your log file? Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer, send it to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


Version is correct, definitely not seeing what is shown in the screenshot. Just sent the log, and turned on parinfer right before I sent it.


Cool, thanks. Let me take a look.


It only seems to have a problem with one project:


Not sure if that helps or if it is still something local on my machine.


@dave.dixon I can’t see anything unusual in the log. Could you try the following? Help-&gt;Debug Log Settings… and enter #parinfer.debug in there. Reproduce the problem (i.e. enter a ( where you don’t see the corresponding closer) and then send me the log. Then remove that debug log entry or your logs will get huge.


Ok, thanks - I’ll try to repro with that project too when I get in to the office.


That stack overflow exception wasn't it? That only shows up when I turn on parinfer.


Really? I’ll double check that, one sec


No, that’s definitely not related. Really weird that you only see that with parinfer on.


I suspect it must be coincidence somehow, but I’m not sure how.


You know, I think I was probably looking at the log backwards. Anyway, I sent the new one with debug on.


yet to try it out, but <3 @cfleming and @shaunlebron opieop