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Is it possible download the slack history db from somewhere? I would like to search eg in Aleph channel, is that possible? Yes, I know there is but I cant search there.

oxalorg (Mitesh)06:10:43

Hey sb! Not at the moment. But you can search for this on google:

websocket site:


(which is searchable, but you'll need to sign into Zulip)


That goes back to Feb 1st, 2019 (which is likely when the Zulip Mirror Bot was added to #aleph)


Thanks @U04V70XH6 that is great info! @U013MQC5YKD Yes I do that. Just, I thought much easier to search eg in Slack exports within vscode or any query


Zulip has a great API as well. The following would be needed to get messages from a Slack channel:

http -a "${ZULIP_AUTH}"  anchor==196931776 num_before==5000 num_after==0 narrow=='[{"operand": "slack-archive", "operator": "stream"},{"operand":"beginners","operator":"topic"}]' | jq '.messages' >> messages.json
More info:

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I dont know that, I check it! Thanks @U04V6FEES!


See also the explanation here @U2T2ZEVPC, out of an abundance of caution we don't make the raw logs public, although we have shared them with people at times if they seem to have a legit use case.

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I'm always a bit hesitant because even though I am the de facto steward of this data set, I don't really have any particular claim to it. Slack's position as far as I know is that the data belongs to the workspace owner and they can do what they want with it.


There are also some messages we have been asked to remove from the public archive, which we have soft deleted, so they are still in the raw logs.

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@U07FP7QJ0 Yes, that is True. I forget this case. But after preparation maybe it could be a good idea add to clojureverse a search field, but ok for me a vscode server like at Github (ok that could be more dev risk with bad setup). I’m just thinking about, I don’t know what is possible or not here.

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@U013MQC5YKD is working on full text search in the context of clojurists together funding

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