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A few small bug fixes from the last release 🎉

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Should a vscode extension user use the same version of the extension as of portal itself?


Currently that isn't a requirement as both versions are compatible with each other.


I don't plan on breaking backwards comparability, but if a new feature is added, you might need to bump both to use it 👌


I’m thinking if I can use the current version of the extension as default value for the dependency injection at jack-in. But maybe you do not release a new version of the extension automatically when portal updates?


I plan to always release them in parallel, even if it would have no change to the extension.


That way people can always fallback to using parallel versions to ensure compatibility if I accidentally break something


Awesome. I’ll utilize that in Calva’s support then.

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Speaking about that. You had use for getting access to Calva’s REPL connection, right? Are you planning to inject portal into the running REPL? I think we will need to do some changes in our client if so. Changes that I plan to do anyway, because loading stuff into the running app is generally useful and cool. But it can help with triaging if someone else has use for it.


Also, I think it would be a pretty awesome Ux if you would use the portal extension to hook itself into the REPL and the Calva user would just tap, tap, tap things.

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My current PR is going from the other direction. Making sure portal is there when the repl starts, and make it easy to start portal and to add the tap.


Yeah, it would be very nice to have access to a users repl connection. The current implementation depends on having a shared filesystem, which means remote repls won't work as easily. Also, injecting the portal runtime would be super nice. And the portal extension could provide useful vs-code commands!


Are there any security concerns with exposing the repl connection to other vs-code extensions?


A malicious extension could maybe abuse it, but I don’t know…


Yeah, that's what I'm worried about 😬


I wonder if the risk should be opt-in for the user


(I could inline those into the "Portal start" command easily enough)


I really like how a lot of the clover commands result in tapping some data! awesome


I've been a big fan of tap> ever since it debuted! Initially, I use Cognitect's REBL with tap>, then switched to Reveal, and now Portal.

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My default "eval" in VS Code/Clover tap>s the result in all cases.