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I seem to have a new REPL issue. On this old Boot-based project, if I start a nREPL, connect to it with Cursive, and try to load some code, I'm getting somewhat arbitrary exceptions about namespace not found. However, if I first connect with boot real -c and load code, it works fine when connected with Cursive. Everything worked just fine last week when I last worked on this project but this morning I upgraded IDEA to 2021.2.2 and Cursive to 1.11.0-2021.2, so I suspect the upgrade broke something.


Hi Miikka, can you provide some more detail on what you’re doing to load the code? Send file to REPL, or sending forms? Also, what does the exception look like?


Hi Colin! It seems that I don't even need to load any code. Simply connecting the REPL (with remote Clojure REPL run configuration using nREPL in Cursive) seems to trigger the problem actually. In the terminal where I'm running Boot, a huge backtrace pops up. It's not always the same; I tried it now twice and got these ones:


If the answer is "don't use Boot", I understand that. We should absolutely migrate this to Leiningen or deps.edn.


Hmm, I suspect that probably is the answer, sorry. Those are some extremely strange errors, and I really have no idea what might cause them.


Sorry I don’t have a better answer.