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Have any Lacinia users here run into resolvers returning null values for non-nullable fields? When I've encountered this, it's typically a bug somewhere else in the code (a recent example that comes to mind was an UPDATE operation inside a mutation that would only return a row from the database the first time it was called 😬). What I'm wondering is how other people keep track or ideally prevent these issues from going unnoticed. I was thinking of hooking into Lacinia to track when a resolver is misbehaving so it gets spotted by the team building the API rather than the team consuming it…


It looks like an error function is called whenever a resolver fails to adhere to the GraphQL schema.


I haven't found a nice way of hooking into the executor yet. 🙂


I see there's a callback inside the execution context but I'm not sure that's data I get to play with.


You could check the return value in an interceptor, if any top-level errors are present, and report it to a system like syntry or rollbar. In our system top-level errors are generally problems we want to know 🙂

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Lennart Buit10:10:47

Although, when you do so, you will get both schema level errors (“This field is null and cant be”) as well as user level errors (resolvers that use resolve/with-error or anything).

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Thanks, @UHJH8MG6S @UDF11HLKC! I'll probably go the interceptor route as you suggest. 👍