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While xtdb is a general-purpose database, I’d like to know what kind of projects use xtdb and what use normal sql database in Juxt?

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There are a lot of projects being worked on across JUXT currently (dozens at least), and in most cases the client already has some database/storage in place. We therefore generally avoid bringing up XT in discussions unless there is some very clear benefit to the client's architecture. For fully green field projects though I think we are now more likely to use XT than not, but it naturally comes down to client preferences.

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Christian Pekeler08:10:48

We’re using it at to build a greenfield e-commerce platform.

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> a greenfield e-commerce platform Oh cool, that's exciting. I was previously at IBM working with WebSphere Commerce & Sterling Order Management, AMA 🙂 I've often thought that valid-time would be a really nice solution to the concept of "previewing" changes to business data & rules - certainly much cleaner than all the extra relational tables (and EJB 1.1 code!) required to implement what WebSphere Commerce was doing I look forward to hearing more about Red Sky in the future!


Hi all 👋 Following precisely zero reports of regressions following the Crux➩XTDB beta release, we're now pleased to say that 1.19.0 is stable & ready for prime time 🎉 Many thanks to all our users who helped with testing 🙏 Release and migration notes:

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Also, there's still time to join the LA Clojure Users Group meetup happening tonight, where they'll be looking at XT in more detail once again