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Ben Wadsworth12:10:43

Good morning - I am getting 404s this morning when trying to pull packages from repo.clojars. I haven't ruled out it being a non-clojars issue but the issue is present in a remote environment trying to pull as well...


Can you share any URLs that are 404ing?

Ben Wadsworth12:10:11

So I am not familiar with what works or doesn't. But I'd assume I could hit something like and get a response back other than in the photo? Our github runner is 404ing on ever request for a package though so its anything I think

Ben Wadsworth13:10:58

I am starting to think this is my issue ... still investigating though

Ben Wadsworth13:10:11

eh yeah sorry - this appears to be my issue. Not sure whats causing it but I know for sure it is. 😕 thanks at least for the attention. And for reference I am guessing the photo I posted is expected if going via a browser?

Ben Wadsworth13:10:14

Alright - confirmed something on my end. We had a change that caused a couple of issues and the issues were unfortunately masked by what looked like legitimate 404s from Clojars. But at least I am on the path to resolving the issue 😆 hope you have a better morning than I have been having! edit: the 404s are legitimate - we should be going to maven for what i posted but aren't so there we go... lol.


Sorry, I got pulled away, Yes, those 404s are legit - all org.clojure packages are on maven central.