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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)21:10:30

Hi, everyone. @tanzoniteblack and the Yummly team have done some amazing work, and we’re almost done backporting their equivalent of core.async’s go macro to Manifold. It works with deferreds and streams, and includes the widespread <!? macro that rethrows errors after getting one. I have a question for everyone. Since it reuses core.async’s IOC state machine code, core.async itself is a dependency to make this new code work. If you use Manifold, would you prefer: 1. core.async become a dependency of Manifold, or 2. We use conditional compilation to only include the code if core.async is available Please reply in a thread. (I also considered extracting the fns we need from core.async, but I believe the EPL 1.0 license forbids that. ) I’m moving for the next few days, but I’ll be back next week.


I'd go with 2.

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i have a vague preference for [2], but i would lose no sleep whatsoever were it much simpler to just go with [1]

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tanzoniteblack17:10:42;cid=C02H9GF74CF I put this in the #manifold thread on the same topic..but now see only on here is there active discussion


ha, i hadn't noticed that there was a #manifold channel!


Matthew appears to have created it yesterday explicitly to have this talk 😆

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)21:10:58

I always thought manifold should get its own channel and figured now was as good a time as any 😁

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