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Dear ClojureVerse! It seems the site ClojureVerse forum is down?

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oxalorg (Mitesh)12:09:13

Looking into it!

Ben Sless08:09:03

@U013MQC5YKD it's down again 😞

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oxalorg (Mitesh)10:09:31

Migrating to new instance today, things should probably be stable by tomorrow!

Ben Sless10:09:52

had me a little worries, is all 🙂

Ben Sless16:09:20

Is this the right place for requests relating to

oxalorg (Mitesh)18:09:29

Yes Ben! Go ahead :)

Ben Sless18:09:24

Can we get themes? The light theme is burning my retinas clear off 🙃

Ben Sless18:09:13

switching tabs between these is a unique experience


the right place for this is the meta topic on ClojureVerse 😉

oxalorg (Mitesh)14:09:33

Bonus: it's universal! Works on all pages 🙂