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I brought some fortune cookies into work today


Let's see what the future holds for my fellow cow-orkers.


Your colleagues are Ork Cows?


Morning, did you bring in fortune cookies?

Wes Hall10:01:57

@dharrigan "Today you will keep people in suspense about your future for at least two hours"

Wes Hall11:01:58

Just walking through corridor of our shared office space. Overhear a guy pitching their product.... "You can use our framework to paralyse your data processing..." I've been doing this over 20 years, and somehow I am still a child, but that is a freudian slip that somehow never gets old for me.


Reminds me of someone I met at a conference, whose mistyped badge described her as an "Inoperability Specialist". :face_with_rolling_eyes:

😂 4

aim to actually announce it soon 🙂


like properly 🙂


@jonpither Love the branding and approach! 🙂

🙂 4

@seancorfield think you'll be able to make it?


@dominicm I wish... We have no UK travel planned this year. Our "big" trip is likely to be ANZ for three back-to-back cat shows. But the UK is always a possibility: Jay sometimes gets invited to judge a show there with only a month's notice and I have an aging parent who could need me there on short notice (happened with my dad a few years back: we visited for a show in April and saw him, then had to go back in May for his funeral and to deal with his estate).