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Mario C.19:01:20

I know I should use a debugger (And I do here and there) but I find myself doing a lot of good ole fashion println 's. That being said I would like to be able to highlight a let binded variable and use a command to automatically add on the next line a _ (println "<selected-variable>: " selected-varaible) . Does anyone have any links that would point me in the right direction or similar functionality that I can use as a template to make something like this?

Mario C.21:01:29

Hmm this may work


@mario.cordova.862 I am sure pressing , d b on a function you wish to debug and then calling that function is much less effort than writing a template. You can debug multiple functions and expressions... And just eval the functions you marked for debugging to stop debugging them. There is a video here that shows just how simple it is