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PhoneWagon is looking for Clojure developers - Remote is OK

We are looking for a functional programmer (Clojure / Java) to join our team. This role is based in New York City or Remote. You will be working alongside our Engineering and Product teams. This is an opportunity to partner with proven entrepreneurs and help build and grow a venture backed startup in the Marketing and Voip space. You will be a core member of the team building and scaling a Voip product on the cloud.

In this role you will be pivotal to helping design and operate environments that enable fast paced development and deployments while achieving high availability, resiliency and security. We run a microservices architecture in a containerized environment on AWS. You will also collaborate with Product to add new features and expand the product offering.

Job Requirements:
2+ years work experience as a software engineer 
Experience building highly-available and resilient backend services 
Knowledge of relational databases 
Authorized to work in the US

What you will work on and develop your skills:
Work on the JVM and in Clojure 
Experience with telephony (Asterisk, Kamailio, SIP, RTP) 
Experience with AWS (RDS, SQS, S3, Elasticache, ECS, Cloudformation, CodePipeline, etc) 
Work with containers (Docker) 
Continuous Delivery / Deployment


Hi everyone! PhoneWagon is hiring a Clojure Engineer! This role is open to being REMOTE(must be based in the US) or onsite in New York. PhoneWagon is a beautiful and easy to use call tracking software that helps businesses improve their marketing spend by placing unique local phone numbers on each of their different marketing campaigns. Full benefits and competitive salaries offered. Check out the role below and feel free to DM or email me if interested :) <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Thanks!

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Evisort, the legal tech company located in SF (San Mateo), is using AI to automate extraction and interpretation of data from legal documents. Currently seeking Staff software engineer to join their team and help with scaling and expanding their already successful product! Building RESTful APIs (varied qualifications may apply) Mentoring younger engineers Working on a Scrum team or in an agile environment SAAS and ML products Interest in Functional programming and 4+ years using Python professionally  Building backend for scalability Preferred: Working with Data Scientists to bring their research to life US citizens and GC only CS degree - prefered 7+ years of experience As of Dec, 19th they received their second Series A funding round backed by Microsoft and Vertex Capital for $15 Million, Actively hiring seasoned engineers (5+ years of experience) with an interest in FP! Check out Evisort's company profile: PM me for details and enjoy the weekend!

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Sheryl Martin20:01:26

Looks interesting! Nice post Charles.


Welcome to the Clojure job board! Let me know if you have any questions moving forward


On-site in San Mateo !

Sheryl Martin21:02:47

That sounds like a sick role tbh!


sounds cool but its listed as a python job


FYI, Evisort are currently restructuring products and adopting FP moving forwards - the Director of Engineering is a huge fan of Clojure and is looking to implement FP into their codebase yet needs a staff engineer in order to effectively do so (wants an individual with FP exposure and interest to build with it) - which is why I added it in here !

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Yuriy Zaytsev10:01:00

Do you refer to SAAS part for migrating to clojure? Or you have a plans to implement ML in clojure (or other FP) also?