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I’ve release 3.1.5 of Fulcro. Some minor bug fixes, including one for the websocket preload for using Electron version of Inspect. There are also new versions of the Electron binaries 2.3.0-RC2 on github that have various improvements/fixes. I still need to rework the settings for Electron so you can set the websocket server port, but if you’re ok with the default port then they should work fine.

Thomas Moerman11:01:27

Q: I have a form with nullable numeric fields, using Fulcro form support. I noticed that when cancelling a form (thus reverting to the pristine state), nil values that were edited to a non-nil number, were not reset. I solved this by adding a (postwalk prim/nillify-not-found data-tree) in the pre-merge of the loading component. Is this a reasonable approach? Any better suggestions? Thx (fulcro 2.8)


I just ran into the same problem


any plans to make a PR for that?


That sounds right to me, though I would take it as a PR to fix that in form state, since it makes sense to remember what was missing and dissoc it