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Hello, we are looking for another 10 volunteers (~20 total) to coach students at ClojureBridge London on 21/22 of February. Most of our students are just starting to code, so if you know def map reduce filter then you know enough to coach. Take a look at the learning paths, all aimed at beginners. Coach training is on the 4th February and I am available to answer any questions about coaching. Sign up for coaches and students: Thank you.


FYI, the confirmation email when you sign up went to my spam folder in gmail. Not sure if there’s anything you can do about it


The only thing I can think of is to ask everyone to add the sender email address to their Gmail contacts. Open to any other suggestions. Thanks for raising this issue and for signing up.


Hi John, coached before so would I still need to attend coach training?


As you coached at the last event we ran, you do not need to attend the coach training session this time. Thank you for volunteering. If I add anything to the information I gave out last time, I will let you know, but nothing much is planned except maybe an update to how we recommend installing Clojure on Windows.


Sadly can't do those dates as I'm out the country 😞


heroku is having a major outage right now where all their logs are inaccessible.


of course i decided to deploy my unrollbackable change to prod just minutes before the problems started ...


... and of course the deploy went wrong ... so now I can't access the logs to see what's wrong with my app 😞


sadly no it just runs foreman


it’s not the end of the world the app doesn’t have many users


unbelievably they are still down