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what is the latest version of intellij that cursive supports? i seem to have some issues with 2019.3

Ivar Refsdal10:01:34

Is that with 2019.3.2? I have problems with that too. Did not have problems with 2019.3.1

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Welp, 2019.3.2 works again. No idea why


I’m not aware of any issues, I’m interested to know details on what’s not working correctly.


everytime i reopen intellij, I have to click my project.clj and ‘add as leiningen project’ - it doesn’t seem to persist when restarting intellij and I have to do this again when restarting intellij


what setting do I change to ensure that Cursive never reformats code following any kind of refactoring (e.g. renaming) or any other action at all other than tab or shift-tab ? I keep having to sweep my code back into place because some action is randomly linked with reformatting code way to the right or with some random number of spaces instead of 2. I only ever want code to be indented with 2-spaces


Right now, you can’t stop it reformatting after things like paredit actions. For the two space indent, see the “Only indent” section here:

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I have a formatting question. I’m probably missing something fundamental but as I’ve failed to find and answer I figured I would ask. Is there a way in cursive to align the first expression in a threading macro with the expression on the next line. Currently it does as in the image for me. I would like the two (parse-… lines to be aligned.


Setting the parameters to 0 will do what you want, it will treat all params to -> the same.


Any idea why in .cljc when I have try to declare a function in the cljs scope it breaks all the syntax highlighting, but it works well if it's declared as :clj?


Seems like Cursive 1.9.1 eap2 is not compatible with Idea EAP 2020.1. I got the following error after updating idea:

The Cursive (id=com.cursiveclojure.cursive, path=~/.local/share/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.1/clojure-plugin, version=1.9.1-eap2-2019.3) plugin is incompatible (target build range is 193.0 to 193.*).


No, it’s not - I’ll try to get an EAP out ASAP supporting that.


That'd be awesome.