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@holyjak started using this too: (similar to emacs rainbow delimiters / vim rainbow parentheses) hope folks don't mind if i mention the two others from some days back (now that we have logging): (documentation) (formatting)

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@sogaiu Oh cool. I've been looking for a "rainbow parens" package that doesn't bog down Atom on large files so I'll try that out.


Looks much better than the rainbow delims package I had tried before!


i'd appreciate hearing how it turns out for you at some point :)


I am already loving it!


The rainbow delims package I'd used before only colored parens around the cursor so it was constantly repainting the file and it was really, really slow on large files. This colorizer is static and doesn't seem to add any overhead. I love rainbow parens! ๐Ÿ™‚


thanks for the feedback. it sounds like you've had a fair bit of experience with rainbow parens in editors. i am a relative newcomer in adopting rainbow parens but have come to rely on them in spotting problems, though i also find them aesthetically pleasant. in any case, i hope this particular atom plugin continues to work well ๐Ÿ‘


It's interesting to see how parinfer interacts with bracket colorizer because parinfer dims matching parens by default -- but it maintains all the rainbow colors just fine. I haven't decided yet whether to turn off parinfer's dimming...


Hmm, there isn't a setting to suppress that. Guess I'll live with it for now.


As for me, I'm colorblind so I don't use Rainbow Parens ๐Ÿ˜…


i wonder whether similar information expressed by color can be expressed using a similar-size but different font...