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it seems not to be ok to crosspost events to both #events and #announcements ? Is there a posting guide to tell what is ok and what is not?


on a related note, i (re-)learned recently that the topic of each channel can have this sort of info. i am not sure how well-known this is :)


@ikitommi The Channel Topic in #announcements says it is for projects and libraries only (and it says not to cross-post to #news-and-articles since that seems to be the common mistake people make)


An initial announcement of a conference is probably fine but then all follow-up posts about the conference should be in #events -- but cross-posting is pretty much always going to annoy people.


> Project / library announcements only - use threaded replies for discussions, please. Avoid cross posting in #news-and-articles Probably there's some ambiguity in the last sentence - it can be interpreted as "if you post in #announcements, don't also post in #news-and-articles ". Which common sense dictates anyway (people tend to choose just one channel, for not coming across as spammy) Probably (?) the intent was to mean "don't post in #announcements content that would fit better in #news-and-articles "


Point being, people will trip over the ambiguity. How about...? > Project / library announcements only - use threaded replies for discussions, please. Generally, prefer the #news-and-articles and #events channels if they fit better (with exceptions) That seemed to be the initial common ground, based on the last #community-development chat


Folks who violate the "project / library announcements only" part of the topic aren't going to read a longer topic anyway. I'll update it to just say don't cross-post.


> For community members to make announcements about projects, libraries, and other things that might be of interest to the Clojure community. Follow-up discussions should happen elsewhere!


that's the purpose of #announcements


topic limits bit more, maybe they should be sync'd?


I just updated the description/purpose of #announcements -- hopefully it is clearer now.

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A lot of folks don't have the "info" side bar open in Slack so they never see the channel description anyway (and clearly people don't pay enough attention to the topic as it is).


Also, we don't want to become the Channel Police. We're a community, we should "play nice" without anyone needing to enforce rules.

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