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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:01:37

Hello! I have changed from

      ( "config.edn")
      {:profile (profile)})
      ( "config.edn")
      {:profile (profile)
       :resolver aero/resource-resolver})
and suddenly am getting the exception "Cannot open <nil> as a Reader." when trying to read config, any idea why that could be? > [$reader doInvoke io.clj 86] > .. > [aero.core$read_config_into_tag_wrapper invokeStatic core.cljc 332] It seems like Aero is passing a nilinclude to io/resource ? Update: No idea what was wrong, I reverted to the default adaptive-resolver which tries io/resource anyway (and fixed my config to include "file.edn" instead of "./file.edn")


If you can provide a minimal config and version I'll look into it. Bit tricky otherwise. Shouldn't happen though, you're right

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:01:41

I got it working so don't worry about it. Thank you!