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Bardia Pourvakil04:01:26

Every time I get an error in the REPL, this happens and I can’t find a fix

Bardia Pourvakil04:01:32

It keeps indenting and I can’t get it to go back to normal


did you try M-x cider-clear-...?


i have never seen that before


I triggered this on a colleagues computer the other day also!


I'm a vimmer, so I pressed something unconventional

Bardia Pourvakil04:01:59

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening and how I could go about fixing it ?


@bardiapourvakil I had the a similar issue sometime ago. Do you have aggressive-indent loaded?


In that case try

(add-to-list 'aggressive-indent-excluded-modes

Bardia Pourvakil03:01:45

I think so thanks for the fix hopefully it works

Bardia Pourvakil03:01:43

Where exactly should I be adding this? Sorry I’m a noob lol

Bardia Pourvakil03:01:26

(defun spacemacs-editing/init-aggressive-indent ()
  (use-package aggressive-indent
    :defer t
      (spacemacs|add-toggle aggressive-indent
        :mode aggressive-indent-mode
        :documentation "Always keep code indented."
        :evil-leader "tI")
      (spacemacs|add-toggle aggressive-indent-globally
        :mode global-aggressive-indent-mode
        :documentation "Always keep code indented globally."
        :evil-leader "t C-I"))
      (add-hook 'diff-auto-refine-mode-hook 'spacemacs/toggle-aggressive-indent-off)
      (spacemacs|diminish aggressive-indent-mode " Ⓘ" " I"))))


@bardiapourvakil Just add it as toplevel form in your .emacs or you can try something in the :config part. Something along the lines of (add-hook 'cider-repl-mode-hook 'spacemaces/toggle-aggressive-indent-off). I don't know if that hook exists.


err whats the best way to do repl driven develompent with libraries included as deps with a relative path. I know there is probably a way to use the cider debugger to step into functions. as one option. Is there a way to, idk start a repl in the main app then connect to it from the lib?


What do you mean by relative path?


Or rather what you are trying to achieve?


say you have project A with a dep "../some-lib" and you start a repl for project A then notice an issue with how its communicating with some-lib. So you want to see how some-lib is using the data you passed it.


actually, on second try, ^ what i described seems to just work already.