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Hi folks! Just a heads-up on what I'm doing recently, I found out a class of bugs that affects Atom and VSCode builds. While trying to fix it, I found out that I somewhat broke some operations that happen when you click on things (like stacktraces, for example). This affects both Atom and VSCode, but there's a workaround for Atom. That's why the vscode build is outdated with the changes on Atom - because if I push an update, VSCode will not work correctly. I'm taking this change to also remove a lot of old code that does not make sense anymore, and as soon as I'm done I'll push a vscode version 🙂


A little bit more info for the ones who want to know, currently both Clover and Chlorine use some "protocols" and "records" to decide how to draw things on the screen (if it's a map/vector/list, draws in some way, if it's a tagged literal, draw on other way, etc)


I'll try to handle it differently, by drawing by "type" like map, vector, etc. I'll need to make some assumptions but that will be good in the long term, because some things that are currently quite annoying (like rendering #some/elem [{:another "element"}], because to navigate you have to click multiple places) will become better. It'll also open the possibility to remove defrecords from code, and that means that there'll be easier to work on inline results on VSCode (and maybe other JS-Enabled editors - who knows?)


Does this mean that maybe inline result rendering will come to VS Code? I gather Calva does it...


Yes, that's exactly what I'm aiming for 🙂.

👍 8