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Random share, this is one of my most effective productivity boosters I've come up with lately When I open a file it jumps to line $n based on git status or git log. This way I can restore the "context" of what I was working on, quicker


This is the integration point It plays nicely with another command which I call open-all-git-files . It will open each file displayed by git status So you can open N files with one command and have all of them jump to the right line number in an instant. Feels like magic every time :)


do you know about save-place-mode?


apparently I do because I have (setq-default save-place t) in my config 😇 I was partly happy with save-place and possibly other complementary functionality (desktop.el IIRC?) but ultimately git is the best source of truth for me especially as you change branches - then the right LOC to jump to will vary

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Rad. You may also be interested in this new library for keeping track of where you were working:

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Your .emacs.d is … intimidating to say the least 😄 Bookmarking it to go through it as and when time permits.


haha, thanks 🌀 as the readme hints, at some point I intended to share it the community... I don't currently, might get back to it a few years from now. I prefer to pick my battles and share .clj work instead