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The portal data inspector has a new release, 0.14.0. Some highlights are: the portal atom now works in node.js, vega-lite is a little easier to use, scroll position is preserved on navigation and general performance improvements. Checkout the for more details.

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Rich 4Clojure is updated to allow for practicing Clojure using an editor-connected REPL, without installing anything. It runs Calva in the web browser, thanks to Gitpod. Read about it, and some broader Getting Started with Clojure plans of mine for this week over at ClojureVerse:

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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp with a lot of fixes, minor improvements, and support for a new leiningen plugin: ๐Ÿš€ Now it's possible to use clojure-lsp API features directly from lein, for example to clean your project namespaces you can configure an alias or just run:

lein clojure-lsp clean-ns
For more information, check the #lsp channel

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