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hi. has anyone had any experience of issues with hugsql + sqlite + next.jdbc? am trying to migrate and am hitting

1. Unhandled java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
   No implementation of method: :on-exception of protocol:
   #'hugsql.adapter/HugsqlAdapter found for class:
not sure where to start.


enki.db> db
#object[next.jdbc.connection$url_PLUS_etc$reify__21761 0x7b81d4ad "jdbc:sqlite:/home/dsp/.enki.db"]
enki.db> (j/execute! db ["CREATE TABLE test (test text)"])
[#:next.jdbc{:update-count 0}]
but running my create data table function for eg (create-data-table db) fails with the error above. while it worked fine before trying to change the adapter. ds is {:dbtype "sqlite", :dbname "/home/dsp/.enki.db"} and db is just with (j/get-datasource ds) . db fns are defined with (hugsql/def-db-fns path-to-sql-file {:adapter adapter/hugsql-adapter-next-jdbc)