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I started using portal yesterday, and I really like it! Now to my “problem”. When I click the “copy icon” in the lower left corner, it copies [](in this example, see screenshot) but if I want to copy the data structure to the right, I now first mark the data structure in the browser and then copy it. Is there a better way of doing this, that I haven’t figured out yet?

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To clarify, this is what I want back in my clipboard:

{:group :component,
        [{:value "name:", :display "name", :order 1, :stay? true}
         {:value "interface:", :display "interface", :order 2, :stay? true}],
 :type :text}


Try selecting the value and cmd+c. The copy-as-edn function is also available from the command palette which opens on cmd+shift+p or clicking the button on the bottom right.


Ahh, that worked! Thanks!