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one question, the result of chlorine should be the same as console repl ?


I have one situation here that I got differences from them


This is from chlorine


this is from console repl


You mean, from a REPL on a terminal, not the side-panel REPL inside Atom, right?


If so, no, it's not the same. On Chlorine, because of UNREPL, you can get "partial results". In your example, it's probably a bug that Chlorine is not parsing correctly the result of an exception...


oh, maybe yes


so, is that something that you will fix in future or is this something that will be in that way


I'll fix in the future. Really soon now, I just need a little bit more of a hammock time 😄


@mauricio.szabo I feel I've asked this before but I'll ask that you refresh my poor old memory: is there a reason that Clover does not show results inline in the editor? I believe Calva does for nREPL/Orchard?


Right, so answering both you and Fabrao here: Originally, I wanted Chlorine to have a better EDN rendering. This meant making a map of EDN -> Reagent Component. But to iterate faster I made the decision to use UNREPL (I'm still not sure if that was the right path). Because of that, some "invalid EDN" but valid Clojure code were wrapped into records/types in ClojureScript (for example, IncompleteStr that's something really specific to UNREPL). So now, I have essentially "invalid EDN" wrapped over "ClojureScript objects" 😢, and lots of leaky abstractions and other ugly things. So what I'm doing right now is going back to basics so I can have a "valid EDN" again, to just pr-str it and send it to Clover. It's a work-in-progress, and its slowly happening. This "leaky abstractions" are also getting into the way of having more interesting customizations and evolving the code overall, but they are also old code so they have some style problems (currently, when I eval something on Chlorine/Clover, it somehow knows how it'll be rendered, and that's not right at all).


So, TL;DR; - because of old code that treats the result of a REPL as HTML, and VSCode only accepts strings in the API for inline results 😄


Ah, OK, so the end goal is to get to a point where inline results will become viable again in Clover?


Yes, exactly.

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